had read & watched months of research before i even commited to buy the Carbon Express Covert CX1 .I am disabled & price is a major factor but i think i have proven that a poor boy doesn't have to spend 1,000's of dollars to get a good hunting crossbow & my Covert CX1 has filled that price gap I have had my CX1 for almost 2 months now & i have had a bug or 2 with it & itturned out to be my fault to begin with .The Carbon Express Covert CX1 shoots accurate & hard & i have paired the CX1 with the Carbon Express Maxima 20" Blue Streak Crossbow Hunting Bolts & i am topping the Blue Streak off with the Carbon Express Dual XT Serrated Fixed Blade 100 grain for Deer hunting season . Now back to the review of the Covert CX1 it has a draw weight of 185lbs & is lighting fast & the camo pattern is like a rubbery type coating but it has excellent gripping to it & the trigger is good & crisp . I have a torn Bicep muscle on my right arm so i bought the Carbon Express Crank Cocking winch to use when i am praticing & it is a God send i can shoot all afternoon & not even be the least bit tired & i also use my rope cocker too it does a good job too . The bottom line is if you're looking for a feature loaded crossbow package with out that hefty price tag I got my Covert CX1 from a seller friend on Ebay for only $419.00 & Free S&H . I looked at the Covert CX1 today & it's price has went up a little but it's still worth every penny . Do your self a favor & give this awesome crossbow a chance & you will be writing a good review as i am .