The TRUGLO Rival Hunter sight is advertised as having variable sized pins, available LED light, and tool-less micro adjustability. As someone relatively new to archery, all that didn't mean a whole lot to me. That said, I have been at this for rougly 3 years and during the summer average about 18 hours/week at the archery range. I was looking for a replacement for the OE sight that came with my bow. It was a 3-pin model, difficult to adjust and the thickness of the pins obscured the targets. I read some reviews about the Rival Hunter and decided to take the plunge. It was easy to install, ruggedly built and, as advertised, stupidly easy to adjust. It cut my average group size by about 1/3. The enclosed pins gather tons of light and give an excellent sight picture and their small size blocks a lot less of the target than my previous site. While being easy to adjust, it also locks firmly in place. A small bump or two isn't going to knock it off course. And when it starts to get a bit dim, just click on the LED to light up your pins and wow...on target even in the dark. I can't say enough about this sight. I had done some research before buying. The reviews were all good and I concur. It's not cheap, but it's about half the price of comparably-rated alternatives. For me it was money well spent. I also want to speak about TRUGLO's customer service. After a couple of uses, the LED went wonky. I figured batteries and bought new ones but that didn't solve the issue. I emailed the customer service as listed on their website actually asking if I could buy just the LED part. An email later and a new part was on it's way to me free of charge. No "how old is it" no "can you send in your receipt" No hassle. They just wanted to make me happy. I was already happy. I love this sight. Their service just confirmed that they are a great company too. I've now purchased a TRUGLO Down-Draft rest as well. Once I've used it a few weeks, I'll review it as well.