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    Diablo Owners Club

    Hey guys and girls....
    Seems there are more and more of us in 2006.

    Let's sit around the campfire and swap a few stories.

    So, what made you pick the Diablo over some of the other bows out there?

    How are you set up?

    Pull up a chair.

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    Jan 2003
    Count me in! Lightweight, low-shock, very quiet and super accurate (and it has a GREAT grip!!). It's may be the perfect hunting bow!!! Love it so far!!!

    Mine has a Whisker Bisquit (Will put a TT on for 3D this summer), Sims S-coil and Carolina Foxfire SP sight.

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    Sep 2005
    Flat out the best shooter I shot this year. Tried the rest, Trykon, Switchback XT, etc. Came back to the Diablo, smooth, quiet, quick, can't wait to get this thing into the woods and try to kill some whitetails for the freezer. My signature shows the list of goodies.
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    Dec 2003
    west metro, minnesota

    Dang it!

    I really want to join!

    Maybe some day soon I'll be "qualified".

    Sweet bows!!!
    Mike, proud member of the NCWID!
    AR34 RAM.5 / PSE Bow Madness 32 Extreme sights, WB rests

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    I'll have pics next weekend.

    06 Diablo 26" 70#
    TR Matrix 3 Pin: .19, .29(x2)
    WB SQ DX
    TR 2 Piece Quiver
    Top Gun chubs
    Scott Wildcat

    And we'll keep a seat set aside for you Mike.
    Shoot it and I have no doubt you'll be stopping by!

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    Thumbs up thanks shaman

    My brother talked me into buying a new bow. I thought i was going to buy the vengence, but that diablo shoots very well and I can't wait to pick it up and bring my new baby home. There is no better bow then the pse diablo for me. thank shamans

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    Feb 2006
    Im not really a pse guy but ive picked one of these up and drew it back and if i was to get a pse this would be the one

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    Just drew it?
    Come on. Go shoot one.
    You know you want to....
    The LX will never know.. not ever.

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    Diablo owners....
    Send me a PM with a link to a high res picture of your set-up, and your physical address. Image should be at least 1600 pixels wide in resolution, with a white background (lay bow in sheet?), and bow horizontal in the picture.
    Suggestion: Remove quiver for cleaner look.

    Last edited by Shaman; March 17th, 2006 at 09:08 PM.

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    I have one address. I need the pic too.

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    who makes the diablo now...

    I know champion had a diablo but that don't look like a champion...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jose Boudreaux
    who makes the diablo now...

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    nice looking bow

    I held a Browning Illusion...nice sucker there too.....

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    AWE GEEES ! I thought this thread was for LAMBORGINI owners !!

    Nice bows guy's !

    SCORPYD VENTILATOR 125 >>---->Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x50mm, 22" Black Eagle Executioners 432gr., 351fps., 118lbs. KE
    Black Eagle Arrows >>------> Pro Staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by FallFever
    AWE GEEES ! I thought this thread was for LAMBORGINI owners
    And, OH, how I wish it were.

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    Jan 2005
    eastern Nebraska

    diablo cam system

    So are most people going with the one cam system or the "2" cam Hybrid system?
    Is the Hybrid system more like a Bowtech or a Hoyt?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwking
    So are most people going with the one cam system or the "2" cam Hybrid system?
    Is the Hybrid system more like a Bowtech or a Hoyt?
    I have 26" draw. I went with hybrid for the speed.

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    Within First 15 shots with my brand new 2006 Diablo and CF Radial X 200s, today. 20 yd Dots. Next time I'll remember to aim at different dots. I'll scan the pic tomorrow. This is a digi of a picture.

    2006 PSE Diablo 65lbs
    CF Radial X 200s (100gr tips)
    TR Matrix
    WB QS DX
    Scott Wildcat
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Name:	shawn_robinhood_diablo.jpg 
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    Here is a pic of the bow.
    NOTE: Trophy Ridge Ridge Hunter 2 piece did NOT work with my 26-3/4" arrows.
    My arrows were not long enough to reach. the Diablo puts the quiver holes at the very, very bottom of the riser. There was not enough height to the quiver or length in my arrows to reach.
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    Pardon the poor quality.
    Using digital camera and youtube does not display at native size...

    Side View

    Back View

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    My brother shooting from 20 and 50yards as well.
    Notice how quiet the bow is? You just hear the arrow hitting the bag.

    Plus bonus video of turkey strutting in my back yard.

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    Well guys I got to say that the Diablo is a great bow. I went and shot the other night at my local pro-shop and most of the guys there are die hard Mathews. Well they took one look at my Diablo and they loved the grip and even had to shoot it. They were very impressed. These are guys that shoot alot and know their stuff and I do respect there knowledge. They said that I had made a very good choice in a bow and that the Diablo was very impressive. Will they turn to pse I don’t know but it was fun getting them to shoot the Diablo.

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    BoxersRule Guest
    I just shot my new Diablo hybrid today. I like it a lot! I just got rid of my 05 vengeance today and I have to say I like each one the same as the other. I like the old phase 3 grip but I also like the diablo grip. I have this bow set up the same as the vengeace was. It has the trophy taker pronghorn drop away, hha ol-6000, limbsavers, and an s-coil. The diablo has a bit more jump than the vengeance did but I figure that is because of the lighter weight of the diablo. I was considering putting some nv's on it. I can get some black ones from my local shop for $40. Any other suggestions to help eliminate jump without making the weight of this bow equal to the vengeance, I really like the lighter bow. I am very happy with the diablo, and I got it for a super price.
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    Welcome! Welcome!
    Nice looking set-up set-up you have there.....

    I have not put on the limbsavers on the limbs, instead I went with the HDS
    I found the HDS to add just enough weight and deadens the bow.

    How does your Diablo fit into the case. I have a Plano Bow Case I got for my last bow, but the Diablo is a LOT more parallel.
    There is 'barely' enough room for the Diablo with Scoil with nut and Matrix.

    Diablo is definately a sleeper bow for the price. Generally selling well below MSRP in most places, and shoots just as well as the 'popular bows'... hehe.

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    BoxersRule Guest
    Thanks! It fits well. Not much room, so I have to be sure I have it velcroed very tight but it fits well.

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